Request for consultation

Before an examination or treatment method can be discussed in the Federal Joint Committee, a request must be submitted. This request may be submitted by the G-BA impartials, the Central Federal Association of Health Insurance Funds, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZBV), the German Hospital Federation (DKG), or the patient representatives. All associations of statutory health insurance physicians and dentists and the federal associations of hospital funding providers can also submit requests. External proposals can also be considered in the question of which service sectors quality standards should be developed for. The Healthcare Provision Act also assigns a new responsibility from 2012: testing methods that show potential. This also allows manufacturers of medical devices and other providers to submit requests.

Depending on the service sector affected, each request for consultation must include a justification of various aspects and supplementary documentation. These are specified in the G-BA rules of procedure. For example, a petition for assessment of an examination or treatment method must include a detailed rationale with information on the benefits, medical necessity, and cost-effectiveness of the method to be discussed, as well as comparisons to methods already available. It must also include the number of persons who would benefit from the method (target population). Available studies must permit a discussion of the topic; this is a fundamental prerequisite for submitting a request. Finally, the request must specify the topic's level of urgency.

Once the conditions for a consultation have been met, the G-BA establishes the priority of testing each method based on medical relevance, risk, and cost-effectiveness.