Legal Regulations

The legal regulations for the work of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) as related to quality assurance and quality management can be found in the Social Code Book V (SGB V).

State Committees and Federal Joint Committee

§ 91 SGB V - Federal Joint Committee

§ 92 SGB V - Directives of the Federal Joint Committee

Relationships to Hospitals and SHI-Physicians

§ 115b SGB V - Outpatient operations in hospital

§ 116b SGB V - Outpatient treatment in hospital

Assurance of the Quality of Service Provision

§ 135a SGB V - Obligation for quality assurance

§ 136 SGB V - Support of quality by associations of SHI-Physicians

§ 137 SGB V - Directives and resolutions on quality assurance

§ 137a SGB V - Implementation of quality assurance and presentation of quality

§ 137b SGB V - Support of quality assurance in medicine

§ 137f SGB V Structured treatment programs for the chronically ill

Transmission of Performance Data

§ 299 SGB V - Data collection, processing and use for the purpose of quality assurance