Pharmaceuticals subcommittee

Areas of responsibility

  • Pharmaceutical Directive (AM-RL) (framework directive)
  • AM-RL appendix I: Overview of prescribable OTC pharmaceuticals
  • AM-RL appendix II: Exclusion of lifestyle drugs
  • AM-RL appendix III: Prescribability of pharmaceuticals after benefit assessment
  • AM-RL appendix IV: Therapy advice on selected active ingredients
  • AM-RL appendix V: Overview of prescribable medical devices
  • AM-RL appendix VI: Off-label use
  • AM-RL appendix VII: Notes on switchability of dosage forms (aut idem)
  • AM-RL appendix VIII: Notes on me-too drugs
  • AM-RL appendix IX: Reference prices and how they are set
  • AM-RL appendix X: Prescription-related average doses update
  • AM-RL appendix XI: Prescription of special pharmaceuticals - deleted
  • AM-RL appendix XII: Early benefit assessment of pharmaceuticals with new active ingredients
  • AM-RL: Overview of proprietary medical products
  • AM-RL: Clinical trials (SGB V, section 35c)
  • Vaccination directive

Additional information

Early benefit assessment of pharmaceuticals