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The Federal Joint Committee is a legal entity in public law.
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Privacy Policy

Information from the Federal Joint Committee on Data Protection and Data Safety

The Federal Joint Committee (referred to as the “G-BA” below) regards the protection of personal data and compliance with the legal requirements of data protection during the use of the website as being very serious matters. In order to guarantee safety and openness when dealing with personalised data, we wish to take this opportunity of informing you of our procedures for dealing with your personalised data when you use the webpage .

We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure that the regulations on data protection are fulfilled - both by us and by external service providers.

It may be necessary for us to make changes in the declaration on data protection and the technologies used in the course of changes and development of our Internet presence. We therefore advise you to reread this declaration on data protection occasionally.

Recording, Processing and Using Personalised Data

Each time the G-BA website is accessed or a file is retrieved, a record file is processed and stored for a limited period. This is exclusively for the purpose of protection against and the pursuit of accesses relevant to safety.

The following information is recorded:

  • The IP address used,
  • The address of the page where you were during the retrieval (so-called http referrer),
  • The name of the retrieved website or file,
  • Date and time of the request,
  • The size of the file transferred,
  • Report whether the access or retrieval was successful.

In addition, data are used and evaluated in an anonymous form for statistical purposes. The data can no longer be evaluated in a personalised form.

For the following interactive services, the G-BA must record your personalised data, in order to be able to send you the desired services or to allow you access to special offers:

  • Contact/E-Mails/Enquiries in general
  • Applications

Your transmitted data will exclusively be used for the specified purpose. The only personalised data that will be recorded is that transmitted during the completion of the corresponding form mask or when requesting the required information (for example).

In all other cases, there is no recording or processing of your data in any manner. The G-BA only records the data needed to use the corresponding service. If you do not give your consent to this, we hope you appreciate that you may not use the corresponding service.

The G-BA will not pass your personalised data to third parties.

Use of Cookies

During your visit to our pages, we use so-called “cookies”. These contain very small quantities of data, which is stored in your computer and then transferred back to our server if you access the pages again. Cookies can cause no damage to your computer and contain no viruses. The data in the so-called “permanent cookies” is still stored after your current visit and is only used for the statistical evaluation of our range of offers - for example, statistical evaluation of the number of visitors. You cannot be identified on the basis of these cookies and statistics. If you do not wish to permit permanent cookies in your browser, you can achieve this by deactivating permanent cookies in your browser. (Details of the procedure can be found in the help function of the menu bar in your browser).  This deactivation does not prevent you in any way from using our website.

The data in the so-called “session cookies” only apply to your current visit to our Internet pages. These cookies too are used for statistical purposes unrelated to the individual user. They are also necessary for technical reasons if you wish to use login-based applications, such as the G-BA Extranet, or to register the case number for recording the system surcharge. For this reason, these applications cannot be used if the session cookers in the browser have been deactivated. Session cookies are automatically removed from your computer when the Internet session has ended.

Assertion of your rights as affected party to information, blocking, deletion or correction

In accordance with the legal regulations, you as affected person have the right to obtain information about your data stored by the G-BA free of charge. In addition, you can assert your rights to blocking, deletion or correction to the G-BA at any time. In the event of blocking or recall, your data will be deleted at once, unless important reasons for storage or other legal or contractual regulations present obstacles.

Please send your claims as affected person in writing or by e-mail to the following contact address: .

Period of Storage

Personalised data transmitted to us through our website will only be stored until the purpose for which they are to be used has been fulfilled. This also applies to personalised data for which you have granted your consent, unless there are other legal obligations. We will completely delete your personalised data after their purpose has been fulfilled.

We store IP addresses for a maximal period of 14 days. This storage is for reasons of data safety, in order to guarantee the stability and operational safety of our system.

Questions on Data Safety

The G-BA will ensure compliance with appropriate up-to-date technical and organisational safety measures, in order to fulfil the  requirements of the laws on data safety. In particular, the personalised data provided by you will be protected from chance or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons.

Access to your personalised data is only possible for a small number of specially authorised persons who are responsible for the technical or editorial care of the server or for the enquiry you have made.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, ideas, or questions on the data safety and use of the G-BA Internet services, please contact the Data Safety Officer of the G-BA at the following address: 

Federal Joint Committee
-Data Safety Officer-
Gutenbergstraße 13
10587 Berlin

If there are changes in the requirements of the laws on data safety, the G-BA reserves the right to modify the declaration on data safety correspondingly.